Armando fulfilled one of his personal goals when he was chosen for the Flip This House program on the A&E television network. With his dynamic and independent personality as the focus, the show became one of the most popular do-it-yourself programs on cable and earned him millions of loyal fans in the United States and around the world. That experience and his unique industry insights have inspired him to investigate other ventures on television and in film.

Another of his longtime aims was establishing his hometown of San Antonio as the Third Coast for movie production in the United States, expanding production of feature films beyond the traditional centers in Los Angeles and New York.

Armando Montelongo Productions LLC

Armando Montelongo Productions is the newest venture for the Armando Montelongo Companies. Its goal is to produce feature films in San Antonio for nationwide release.

The company’s initial project, a feature film called Mission Park , is in post-production in San Antonio, Texas. The screenplay for Mission Park was written by Bryan Ramirez, a San Antonio native who was hired originally to work in the company’s video production department. Ramirez also is directing the film.

Armando Montelongo is the executive producer of Mission Park, and actor/producer Douglas Spain from HBO’s Band of Brothers is serving as the project’s producer. Spain has won multiple acting awards.


Bryan Ramirez is an award-winning filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas. At a very young age he showed an interest in filmmaking and devoted all of his time to writing and creating movies.

In 2001 Bryan left San Antonio to attend Full Sail Film School in Orlando, Florida. Upon graduating honors with a degree in Motion Picture Production, he relocated to Austin, Texas. In 2003, Bryan began editing for documentary legend Hector Galan, cutting the Documentary Los Lonely Boy's: Cotton Fields and Crossroads, while moonlighting at many other post houses. Building a strong reputation as a talented Storyteller and Editor, he soon became sought after by local productions.

In 2005, Bryan moved back to San Antonio to pursue a career in Producing and Directing. He spent nearly two years producing promotional pieces for a local ABC affiliate, where he began to learn the ins and outs of the television business. He began Producing for Armando Montelongo, Star of the hit TV show Flip this House, and later went on to produce an Infomercial that would lead Armando to establishing a multi-million-dollar Inc. 500 enterprise.

Writing and Directing Mission Park as his first feature film, and Directing Sanitarium with Bryan Ortiz and Kerry Valderrama (two talented Directors that call San Antonio home as well) as his second. Bryan Ramirez has made a mark as one of the a Next Generation of Directors.